Java2Script: Bridge of RCP to RIA

Reusing Java codes and tools into JavaScript

Java2Script Based Web Messenger - WeBuzz.IM

Java2Script Based Web Messenger - WeBuzz.IM

Features: Logging in, loading contacts, searching contacts, chatting, ... Supports web Google Talk, web Windows Live Messenger, web Yahoo! Messenger, web AOL Messenger, web ICQ and web Facebook Chat.

Please visit WeBuzz.IM web messenger services.

Java2Script Based Web Mail Client - WeMail / KeX Mail

Java2Script Based Web Mail Client

Features: Listing mail, composing new mail, replying mail, ... Support POP3, IMAP, SMTP.

Please visit KeX Mail web mail client services.

Java2Script Web Notepad

Java2Script Web Notepad

Features: Auto-saving, Open/Save/Save As

J2S SWT ColorDialog, FontDialog, Combo, Spinner, Menu, ToolBar and CoolBar

Screenshot of J2S SWT ColorDialog

Screenshot of J2S SWT FontDialog

J2S SWT Combo

J2S SWT Spinner

J2S SWT Menu

J2S SWT ToolBar

J2S SWT CoolBar

Stay tuned for the coming Java2Script 1.0.0 M4

LZ77-JS Compressor by SWT

by LZ77 JavaScript Compressor Reloaded

LZ77-JS Compressor by SWT

Online demo: LZ77-JS JavaScript Compressor

SWT Widgets

Screenshot of J2S SWT Widgets

You may want to checked the latest status of every SWT Widgets and Layouts

Reusing SWT Designer

Designing with SWT Designer and works with J2S SWT

Screenshot of J2S SWT with SWT Designer


March 2007, Instantiations Inc. donated its tool "WindowsBuilder Pro" to Java2Script team for SWT development.

Thanks for Instantiations' WindowsBuilder Pro, which will help Java2Script team to improve its plugin to a higher quality level.


by Tutorial of J2S in Eclipse (6): How to Use ajax.* -- A Simple RSS Reader

Screenshot of J2S AJAX RSS Reader


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