Java2Script: Bridge of RCP to RIA

Reusing Java codes and tools into JavaScript

  1. Q: Is there any relationship between GWT and Java2Script?
    A: Even though they may happen to be in similar design to provide Java to JavaScript compiler based on Eclipse JDT, GWT and J2S have no nothing related.
  2. Q: Is it Java2Script using Sun's JDK sources or other sources?
    A: Some of *.java in J2S which are providing java.lang.* or java.util.* were copied from Sun's JDK sources without modifications. As for copyright things, J2S is changing most of its java.lang.* and java.util.* classes to Apache Harmony sources, which is LGPL based. You can check more classes to see Harmony codes are there.
    Newly added junit.* classes are copied directly from the sources coming within Eclipse SDK but with a few small modifications.
  3. Q: Is there any plan for supporting Swing?
    A: There are no plan for supporting Swing besides SWT at the current time.
    But it is possible to provide Swing/AWT through SwingWT. But as mentioned in
    the huge wrapper of SwingWT runs really poor. Maybe by doing similar J2S SWT optimization over SwingWT will improve the performance. But that requires lots of works.
  4. Q: Is it the performance very poor?
    A: The performance of JavaScript' HTML component libraries may be considered as poor. From aspect of J2S SWT, such performance is poor even with lots of optimizations. But in my opinion, J2S SWT still can be improved to 2 times faster in the same hardware and browser environment (But this may require more efforts, maybe not be achieved until J2S 2.0).
  5. Q: Will Java2Script's libraries become larger and larger?
    A: It will. But those JavaScript only be downloaded when your applications need them.
    For the file size of JavaScript, J2S SWT is growing from 400K+ to about 800k+ in raw JavaScript. After performing JavaScript Packing, it can be reduced to about 400K+. But using dynamic classes loading, it may only require 170k+ (Opening up a simple J2S SWT windows).
  6. Q: I have a question. Where can I post my queestion?
    A: You have lots of ways to contact us:
  7. Q: Shall I join Java2Script team?
    A: Yes, you're welcome! But we think you should learn something about Java2Script for about 2 weeks before you decide to join.
    J2S project is sure now lacking of enough developers to provide more features like server-side binding or serialization. I know there are no difficulties for doing so. But it does require time to implement and to tests. Everyone who would like to contribute to open source world are welcome to Java2Script world.