Java2Script: Bridge of RCP to RIA

Reusing Java codes and tools into JavaScript

Java2Script 2.0.0 v20100601 (Eclipse 3.6.*) Java2Script 2.0.0 v20100601 (Eclipse 3.5.*)

Or setup Java2Script environment from Subversion repository, which will result in always getting the latest features.

Or go to download page for older releases, or other files.

Install instructions

  1. Install Eclipse SDK 3.3.* or 3.4.* from
  2. Copy all the things under the folder "plugins", "features" into %ECLIPSE_HOME%/plugins, %ECLIPSE_HOME%/features. Your %ECLIPSE_HOME% maybe "C:\eclipse" or others. If you have installed earlier version of Java2Script, please remove all "net.sf.j2s.*" first; If you enhanced JDT core jar, please replace the enhanced JDT core jar with original one which is backuped in %ECLIPSE_HOME%.
  3. Restart Eclipse. If you have early version of Java2Script, please add "-clean" arguments to make sure it is correctly installed. For example:

    eclipse -clean

    Now, you should find the above 4 "net.sf.j2s.*" plugins list in the "Plug-in Details" (Help->About Eclipse SDK->Plug-in Details).
  4. Now you have your Java2Script development environment! Follow the Getting Started Tutorials or import example projects for your tour of Java2Script world!


  1. Q: Why I can't see "net.sf.j2s.*" listed in the "Plug-in Details"?
    A: J2S is not correctly installed. You're recommended to view the error log in "workspace/.metedata/.log". Or you should check again you do not miss any steps. Or you can re-install Eclipse to a new place and re-install Java2Script plugins.
  2. Q: Why running as "Java2Script Application" give me a blank page with JavaScript error?
    A: Try to clean the project, and rebuild the project. And run as "Java2Script Application" again. Or copy the URL and run it in external Firefox browser, which will tell more JavaScript error information. Then try to hack it or report bugs.

You still have trouble? Try to ask question on forum or on blog or on Java2Script Group, or report bugs.