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APIs document

Currently, there are only one new package named net.sf.j2s.ajax, which contains about 1 interface and 6 classes:

The net.sf.j2s APIs are very simple. And you can ignore their existences until you are advanced users of asynchronous programming.

Here is the implemented Java runtime classes list, you should check the following Javadoc to see which APIs are already supported or not yet supported inside Java2Script.

Notice:Classes or interfaces "Class", "ClassLoader", "Object", "String", "Enum", "Number", "Integer", "Long", "Double", "Float" are implemented by native JavaScript are not mentioned in the above list.

The others APIs are not new in Java2Script.

Language Supports

The features of Java2Script's Object Oriented JavaScript Simulator (OOJSS):

As this is a project related to converter that compiles Java to JavaScript. It will require you to know the defects that can not be compiled completely equivalent.